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Knowbbies Certified Trainer For Kids Programming

Knowbbies Certified Trainer For Kids Programming

 What is Knowbbies Certified Trainer For Kids Programming?

Knowbbies believes in women empowerment and this program aims to ladies who are engineers in computers or electronics but are unable to pursue their career due to family priorities. Knowbbies is helping them to upgrade their skills to the latest technology.

Who is eligible for Knowbbies Certified Trainer For Kids Programming?

The only important criteria is, you should have good understanding of C Programming.

In addition to this, you must hold a degree in computers like BE Comp, BE EnTC, BE Telecom, BSc Comp, MCA, MCS etc

Finally you should be willing to take training classes at your home.

How to become Knowbbies Certified Trainer For Kids Programming? (Lets call is KCT-KP)

To become KCT-KP, you need to undergo a four days training at Knowbbies.

Out of these four days, one day training will be at Knowbbies head office and rest of the 3 days training will be online.

During the training program, you will get experiment kit to learn the latest technology and get hands-on experience with it.

The kit is specially designed by Knowbbies for this program.

Once you finish the training, we will assess your technical skills and will issue the KCT-KP certificate.

What kind of latest technology will be taught?

Now a days, computers are becoming smaller and smaller in size. Your smartphone itself is a capable mini computer. In this program you will learn latest programming for IoT (Internet of Things) and App development. You will be teaching these latest technologies to kids in simplest possible manner.

How much is the Fees for KCT-KP trainng program?

KCT-KP fees is Rs. 7500/- that includes experiment kit, your training and taxes.

After I become KCT-KP, what next?

Your name will be listed on Knowbbies Website for Authorized training center for Kids Programming category. You can start with publicity of your classes by sending messages, sharing it on social media and by other means you find suitable. During the training, we will share more details about the steps you should follow to generate enquiries.

Occasionally, Knowbbies will make online campaigns to generate enquiries for you.

Is there any annual fees to remain KCT-KP?

No, there is no annual fees to remain KCT-KP.

Are there any existing KCT-KP in Pune?

Yes, currently we have four ladies as KCT-KP in Pune.

How can I enroll for KCT-KP?

Step 1:

You need to send email to knowbbies@gmail.com with following details :

Name :

Address :


EMail ID:


Experience (if any):

List of Programming Languages you are good at :

Willing to teach kids at your home : Yes / No

Own a Windows Laptop or PC at home : Yes / No

Step 2:

We will call you back for short discussion.

Step 3:

On finding your profile suitable to become KCT-KP, you will have to make payment of fees.

Step 4:

Your training will start as described above.


I still have more queries, whom should I contact?

For any further queries, please feel free to call Pratik Deshpande at 7057575613 or Nivedita Deshpande at 7057575613

















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